Our Process We are experts at manufacturing your vision to life.



Our Process We are experts at manufacturing your vision to life.

Compass and Protractor


Once we’ve finalized the tech drawings for your product and identified its desired specs, we’re quick to deconstruct your order into a list of its raw materials, steps and approximate production time to give you a cost estimate that’s nearly always on point.

The time it takes to complete this stage varies between 1-2 weeks depending on how far along your idea is developed.

If you’re a return customer placing an order for a product we’ve already developed together, then we’ll jump right into re-approving it for manufacture.


Upon approval of the cost estimate, your product will then enter from the realm of ideas into that of realty.

First product samples usually average between 1-2 weeks depending on its complexity. While your product is in this phase, we’ll contact you with any questions, suggestions for improvements or alterations that might occur.

When the product is done we’ll present it to you for approval or revision along with a final quote and timeline for its scaled production.

Product Samples.png

Material orders


Yay! Your order is in, now it’s time to let our well-oiled production line do what it does best—make your product.

We buy all our materials on demand, which means the moment we get the green light our software will notify our purchasing department to buy all the raw materials, allowing us to quickly give you an exact delivery date.

Material inventory


When the materials are delivered to our warehouse, they are assigned to a team that will care for your product from its assembly to completion.

Your team will inspect, color match and spec-test all the materials before moving them to the next phase.

product fabrication


To keep your order lead-time as low as possible, materials are prepped, cut and printed as soon as they come in after passing inspection.

contract sewing manufacturing


Once the last article in your order arrives, we pull all the prepped ones out of inventory and put them on the production floor as a job kit. The initial sample we agreed on will also be present on the floor along with a support liaison from its team to assure everything is built to the signed-off specifications.

product delivery


We run a final inspection before packing your product and shipping it to you, our customer, by whichever method we’ve agreed upon.

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